Monday, 1 June 2009

What's so good about tomatoes anyway?

When I got back home I saw that Poppy had managed to escape into the rest of the room to eat my books ... yes, JUST my books ... pft. She is great though; there's nothing to do about it. After I'd gotten over it by drinking three cups of coffee and watching a couple of re-runs of Britains next top model I was ready to face the mess... and then clean the mess. Turns out that Lisa was petting her all night because she was making noise, but then she made a whole lot more so Lisa put a pillow over her head (her own, not the bunny) Anywho ... on a less bunny-full tale, I called the fairy shop and they said that there aren't actually any jobs they just advertise all the time, what if they plain just didn't like the sound of me - one has to wonder.
Later on I had the most random conversation with my Mum about may things that I don't feel like writing about ... were ok now though, think she understands me, she must cos she is lovely.
And then I applied for more jobs online that I know I'm probably not going to get replies from ... but don't worry - the universe is sorting something amazing out for me .... you'll see *
I simply must tidy my clothes .... find stuff to sell on ebay (to make space for all the dresses I'm going to make myself when the universe finally gets it right) ... I found lots of things to sell and now my cupboard looks yum. I'll post a link of the listings in a bit when I have them all listed.
Watched BNTM : Jade is still num 1 ... indeed.
Dinner : we managed to have the longest conversation that has ever existed about... tomatoes. Tomatoes. Me and Lisa laughed at each other ... were good at that at the moment :) now she is in the other room cuttingg off her hair (the jokes will come later, worry not) ;) kiddin'
And now? I've left everone in the living room and I'm going to read a bit of a book and then watch the Sex and the City film ... why not? (dig the Viviene Westwood wedding dress) then I may or may not take some more photos for ebay....
Then I'll fall asleep, as tired is V.... and then I shall have a pretty dream *

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Coral said...

Aw, the people at the fairy shop weren't good enough for you, anyway.
Ah yes, please post links to ebay listings soon!