Monday, 4 May 2009

photos and wine

I was so bored... had the bigest known case of writers block in the history of human kind ... so I decided to trowel the make up on and take piccies of myself ... a time to reflect... see all the best bits and all the stuff you wish would go away...
I remember having photos taken of me when I was little a tutu: it was pink ... I was so happy because it looked so real, like the ones you see on stage... I borrowed it because mine were leotard-like. wish I still had that photo, but I have no idea where it has gone.
So.... I'm thinking about lots of things... secrets :)
They are writing a song, she says she is spontanious, she also talks about me drinking wine and getting sad ... she thinks that I'm going to do that tonight but I'm not, I'm too happy - thinking... *
Cracked open the bottle to enjoy britains next top model - loves it.
ok ... this bottle of rose is ,my new best friend....
Isn't it strange when you think you know where you are, who you are.... what you want to do, and then you blink and everything you knew has gone.
There are so many stars ... so many nights of bottles of wine, so many things that have come and gone. So many photos that show our happiest times, and not enough to show the sad ... yes, I'm drunk, but I'm a happy kind of drunk... that's the best kind - I promise not to edit this tomorrow when I'm cringing about what I wrote - because .... I don't know, just because.
I see so many beautiful things in the future .... I just with the future was now............ *
I want to be a fairy...

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