Monday, 11 May 2009

Snowbird and drunken bird

After eating four custard creams and then getting dressed up all fancy I left the house to go and meet Hannah at Shepherds Bush station. Late - as usual.
There was a huge pile of free papers on the floor outside the corner shop that were blowing away like fold-up-birds... and I don't think that is what they meant when they asked someone to hand them out.
We found the Empire and bought a plastic glass of wine ready for the Snowbird show :)
Hannah was there to take photos and managed to get her camera past the security because there wasn't a media pass and this stupid place only lets you have a camera with one of those as I found out from some short security guard inside the place that had to assert his authority in some way or another... he decided to be mean and made her take it to the box office ... but she wasn't going to do that without and arguement. By the mess that was created anyone wuld have thought that she was about to pull out a crack pipe.
then my camera decided to stop working ... so instead for today I have borrow someone elses piccies ... they had functioning cameras you see.
The snowbird gig was lovely in the end and Stephanie is a beautiful fairy as usual ... yey sparkley sparkley star dust yum yum bunnies (that is my official review) ;)
After they wouldn't let us out for smokes until 9:00 (??) because smokers only like to smoke after 9:00 of course - vampiric smokers! uf ... so me and Stephanie go outside whilst Hannah goes to collect her camera...
I have decided that the Empire and it's staff (and some punters + some annoying passers by) suck.
I don't want to go back to Hackney alone in the dark, so after a quick stop off for a wine top up I go back to Hannahs which is miles and miles away, and because of the amount of food I didn't eat I'm far too drunk for comfort in these ridiculous wedges.
Everyone is at Hannahs including the cheese eating cat ... :)

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a faerie finder said...

i have a scar on my forehead
shaped like a moon from my
car accident.
thats all i see in the photo

tOOOOO bad we couldnt hang out AFTER