Thursday, 14 May 2009

meeting, books, sewing and QI

As usual I wanted to get up earlier than what I did - in fact I can't have really wanted to, otherwise I would have, but you get my point.
Juice. Hair. Dress. Run for bus.
I was early! OMG ... it's the juice, it must be the juice.
I met David and we walked to a little hidden museum which was filled with stonework and paintings. The guards were really strict ... we couldn't take off our coats half way through and carry them - we had to go back down and put it on the hanger. We also had to leave our bas and get a ticket... and the funniest thing I have ever seen is the thistles they put on the seats to stop people from sitting down - we laughed, but didn't touch anything - Don't touch ANYTHING. There was a random foot, and then a random leg that we just couldn't work out ... but everything else was pretty.
Then we walked to Soho to Cafe Italia and had what we thought was a quick coffee and chat but it was getting late and David had to run to work.
Had a lovely time :)
On my way back to the bus stop (in killer-evil-death-heels) I stopped off at Foyles to pick up a book - I just got the urge, and my worst shop-type-can't-say-no-to-ever-thing are books and frilly socks.
Every step through the fiction my cramped up feet are whispering to my head 'ouch,ouch...ouch,ouch' and then I find 'The Flood' by J.M.G. Le Clezio and 'The Wind-up Bird Chronicle' by Murakami (loves him) I couldn't choose so I got them both and now I have guilt because I don't have any money and prob can't pay my rent or eat - Yeah, I'm so clever. I did sell a dress though... uf that doesn't cover everything.
It's looking up though because the lady from Covent Garden wants me to go back again ... and as it is Summer I might make some money... we'll see I think I'll be there in 2 weeks time. I'm going to make better things this time. Sometimes I feel like everything I make I can do better ... everytime! but maybe if I didn't have that thought I wouldn't carry on.
Mind boggle.
And so me and my throbbing feet arrived home and Marina was in we both sat for a while on laptops and listening with headphones... of course there were comedy moments of talking to each other and not hearing ... why would I tell you otherwise?
Marina left and I started to finish that dress that has - I was determined to finish it tonight, so I switched off theTV, put on some tunes (Norah and then Murmurs)
I finished! woop woop... put it in my online shop.... and then the TV came back - QI ... Fab :) Stephen Fry is the best. David told me earlier that he met him in London, I was sooooo jealous.
I missed a Stephanie call ... and now I think she's sleeping :( missssssssssssssssss
And now? I feel inspired (just a little bit) so I will go and write a chapter me thinks...

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Coral said...

You must inform us all when you'll be in Covent Garden! I don't go to London often, but I'm planning on going at some point this summer, and I would love to visit you in your stall. =)
I hate the thought of missing out on seeing/buying your lovely pretty dresses and skirts.
Love and kisses.
x <3