Saturday, 9 May 2009

Fairy Photos, Mice and Stars

Bed is good ... but I have to get up now and go dress as a fairy in Highgate park.
I meet Hannah in Camden and we go to this really lovely little vegan place where you buy a dish to fill up with stuff and everything tastes like fields ... in a good way. I'm a little hungover and really want some juice but I stick to the water for now.
Walking past all the pretty shops makes me want some money ... but I should stop to be lazy and just make myself the pretty things that I see and like ... doh. We go into the new old market too and it is huge ... it goes on forever - riht back to the cute girl selling cupcakes at the back in the corner : maybe I imagined her. I think it must have re-opened today because there's a marching band and people on stilts.
Let's et some coffee.......... Cafe Nero, Coffee and chats.
Now onto Highgate Park!
Parks are either the best places to be or the worst - depending on what your fears are .... now if you are afraid of chavvy types and dogs, they are mostly bad ... but thankfully we found a secret corner where the only crazy people were us.
I love the piccies that Hannah takes .... she is a little star, and she gave me some wings she made for my belated birthday - they are lovely and I want to wear them everyday.
Where else to go now apart from up Highgate Hill? it has to be done. This is like a little dream place - I would so like to live there ... we had an adventure in a little tea shop and then went to have raw juice in another vegan place we found that has a garden to sit in - have to go there again ... can't remember what it is called.
Then we get on the bus because I'm going to meet Stephanie, we're going to a gig at Union Chapel, We say bye to Hannah...
I forgot to ask to see who was playing untill the last minute and looked more interested to know what shoes she was wearing hehehe ... but good news - it's Soy Un Caballo, it was lovely, inside it was filled with candles - magical. There were fluff bunnies that were dancing to the pretty music, and cute things. We laugh and hide behind a column. Then we sneak like tiny mice: tiny mice that want a glass of wine, through the back of the chapel .... we were going to sit upstairs for a couple of songs but there are evil cones.
Imagining ghosts, with the string music in the background.
... squeak squeak : to the pub!
Outside there are stars *
I go to meet Lisa and Marina in Hi Sushi, Camden ... I'm tired... but not too tired to get a cheeky pina colada (if that's how you spell it)

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