Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Dress ideas

I found this really cute artist girl on etsy I think the pretty fairy people she creates are lovely ... I really want to make some of the dresses she has drawn, I wrote to her for a collaboration : I'll go check my email to see if she has replied yet...
This one in the piccie is especially lovely *
I really want to start making more big dresses and special ones, the past few months I have been trying to make more dresses that I thought would appeal to everyone, but I think I need to stick to what I love doing, and make special things that you can't get anywhere else : fairy clothes (and now princess dresses)
I should go and start drawing some now.....
Piccie found at strangeling.etsy.com :)

1 comment:

Coral said...

I adore the fairy clothes and princess dresses you make!
Stick to whatever it is YOU love doing, and I'm sure everyone else will love it too.
Who doesn't love looking/feeling like a princess?
Love and kisses.