Monday, 21 September 2009

My room is too calm

I can't move in it sometimes. I painted it green not only because I wanted my room to look like the sea, but because it is said to be 'calming'.
This just takes the biscuit! sometimes I find myself so content (I'm not even sure 'content' can describe it fully) that I just lay on my bed listening to music hypnotized by my twinkle lights falling away into another universe. When I come back to reality the hours have gone and i'ts dark outside. This is not normal. I think it is the fairies. I'm trying to work out if they are nice ones or bad... I'm not sure that making you feel stoned without smoking is really the work of evil though. I just must snap myself out of it, so I can finish my book and make some more pretties for all the confused naked butterfly girls out there. Fashion something from leaves! I'm coming... sewing machine in tow, thread at the ready, pen in hand!

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