Friday, 25 September 2009


Today I walked from Archway to near Camden via the pet shop, and loved every minute of it. I saw in there a tiny little ink-black fluff ball of a kitten; she climbed all the way to the top of the cage to get out - I think she wanted me to take her home, so I asked how much she was, but she already had someone coming to pick her up. Ouch.
Later Maria came round and we went to Soho: Dinner at Taro (yum), Boredom at The Candy Bar (oh my, we laughed), and Coffee in the street watching drunk people. The walk back to the bus stop was enlightening; all the drunk, shouting, puking, screaming, arguing, rude, pissed, stupid people we saw ... you don't see them when you are one of them; I quite like this new leaf I'm turning.

Then I got home and took a photo of this jar.

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