Friday, 4 December 2009

In The Dolls House

A little Esther Dee Doll came to visit today. There were dresses and frills, leaves, flowers, a hedghog in the corner - spying, photos galore and trees. We turned my bedroom into a forest ... it still smells as though I'm outside in here ... Of course Luna was here as my fairy assistant and make-up girl. It was all lots of fun and we should do it everyday.
I'll post more pics of the whole shoot on my new fangled webpage soon.
Ok now I'm off to put some kind of a face on so I can go and try to book a venue for my March fashion show (which is far too exciting to tell you all about now, but I will in the new year I promise)
I'm going to start a mailing list if you wanted to be on it (for now before I get one of those fancy ones) send me an email at and there will be news soon ***
Shhh.... listen to the wind. It got caught in the trees we brought into my room. She says she is warmer in here but because of this has forgot all about how to be the wind. Now she just sits in my chair and talks to me about buttercup dos and donts.
Cannot stop listening to: Lenka :) ... or the song from True Blood. lol.


CocoCherie said...

I want to see more pictures! Too too cute! Good luck with getting a venue!

Natanya said...

... And as if by magic:

*love and biscuits*

Oneironaut said...

Beautiful pictures!
I can't wait to hear more about the show. :) This is unmissable!