Monday, 9 November 2009

I like this hat

... it is green, feathery and magnificent... it belongs to my friend Jessica. If anyone finds another anywhere send me a note on a pigeons foot of how I can go about owning it. Well today we were arty; I was sitting for her ... she was etching me. A curious process which she promised to tell me all about next time. I want to do one of my own, apparently i want to do a bit of everything along these lines so that urge didn't surprise me at all really. I guess I'm going to go online and buy copper plates next... I'll put them in my big box of crafts where I keep my clay, cotton, wool, paint, pens, fibres, needles and other bits of stuff. I have balsa wood in there too, and a glue gun: Don't ask me why.
Well I'm home now and shall sit down with another cup of coffee and start this little short story project I've decided to do in-between everything else: I'm finally going to put words to the photograph I took a year or so ago called 'In The Rabbit Hutch' I'm writing it as I go along, with photos and illustrations. I'll sell the original and do some limited edition prints of it, then I will type it out and get it printed through a company. So that's something I'm looking forward to. Hopefully next week sometime I'm going to get lost in a forest like The Cure did and maybe make that video I was talking about a while ago, with the white horse and a poem. I will be an It Speaks project I think... but now I'm just going on aren't I? this cannot be interesting to read at all. I will write this all on a list; I like lists, even if I don't manage to cross them all out they make nice beginnings for new lists .......


Vanessa. said...

I love that you mentioned The Cure in your post, I was listening to 'A Forest' last night, they are the greatest band ever! :)
And your blog isn't boring at all. I like making lists too! xx

Natanya said...

I agree I love them too much :) and love that song ... think I could live in it.
I don't think I could function without lists; I have books of them - maybe one day when I'm all old it will make for a good read:
num 1. Makes lists more interesting for your future self.

Pocket Mouse said...

Hello! I love love love your blog.
I have a hat quite similar to that. Shall I send you a picture? I'd be happy to mail the hat across the seas to you :)

Natanya said...

ooo yes please I would love to see a photo! :)
Love and bubbles,