Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Maybe it's the November blues, do November blues exist? ... anyway, if they did, that's what I have. But today I have decided that that will change. I have a belly full of cheese on toast and a sewing machine that is staring at me with longing from across my room. I have four dresses to make and four days to do it in! Flutterbydaisy jet-pack at the ready and I'm off!
... in a minute ...
In other news: Since starting at Oxfam bookshop I have become more addicted to books than ever before - they all look at me in the basement and want me to take them home; friends for my sewing machine. My pretty sock, Vintage dress and coffee addictions have of course not been neglected ... so many addictions, and always room for more : art? taxidermy? taxidermy art? ahh the possiblilities ... maybe nick nacks?? Goerge my housebuddy salvaged a velvet parasol for me the other day, it's massive and beautiful. Then the day after he gave me a japanese dish ... nick nacks, definitely nick nacks :)
Thoughts for the future .......... Birthday Flutterbydaisy fashion show and you are all invited ...... but shhhhh it's a secret.


Oneironaut said...

I want to come to the fashion show. :)
I'll arrive in my Flutterby Daisy finery!
<3 xxxx

Natanya said...

yes you must come! :) ... ***
(hopefully between the 22nd and the 25th February :It's only an idea now, but my ideas are not very well forgotten; it will keep asking me about it untill I plan it out for it ... those pesky ideas! and peskier 'it's

Oneironaut said...

I'm sure I'll be able to make any dates between them. :) Please keep us informed, I'm such a silly fangirl and would love the opportunity. <3 xxx