Saturday, 28 November 2009

Wonderful day, said Alice

I managed to escape a hangover by eating eggs and sausages when I got in at 3ish, after a trip to Club Hell to see The Dogbones and other bands ... it was fun because everyone was out, it was not fun because it was too crowded... it was fun because we laughed a lot through a Jack D haze, it wasn't fun because the front door seemed to be constantly open. There was also a magic door where people went in looking normal and walked out looking like death. But yes: sausages, eggs and coffee did the trick so I woke up with a happy head and made my way to Oxfam late, I'm always late (will borrow watch from the rabbit) another coffee and I'm good to go. Half way through the day a lovely named Claire came in and bought Alice in Wonderland. I didn't realise we had it so I told her and then we chatted about our love of the story and old books in general... she left and then came back ten minutes later and gave me the book! She said she thought I should have it. It completely made my day and more! I'm still smiling. She was the loveliest lovely I've met and I wish we had have swapped numbers or emails - I would have taken her for a tea party, or something else pretty along those lines... with cup cakes ***
After a little while longer Tom cam into see me which made me even more happy. I later got together a collection of old books for the photoshoot for my websites new front page whilst listening to 'The Hitchhickers Guide to The Galaxy' on tape. I love Marvin: "I've worked out if I put my left arm in my right ear I can electrocute myself"
Dinner was at Maria and Tiinas ... yum, but with some bad films... yuk (I think me and Maria laughed more than ever). All in All an Wonderful day.

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