Friday, 2 October 2009

Butterflies and cakes

Butterfly duty is the best duty to be on. I do butterfly maths and pay with buerfly wind dust ... all special for Julia and shelleys wedding tomorrow.
Maria joins me on my quest for blue ones, pink ones and the illusive green variety of Covent Garden.
We forgot our Butterfly net, so we go to think up a plan in a near by muffin&coffee shop. the caffeine, chocolate and sight of brightly coloured icing helps tremendously... we have a plan.
We run into Lush and buy some soap that looks like melon (past the face mask dishes that look like dips for crisps) and back to the buerfly hide out. We coat the pretty white shelves with slidey soap and wait; clean.
The butterflies attempt their landing but slip and slide with all their legs and fall ino the wicker basket we made earlier from liquorice strips - ah-ha! we won! we pay and make a run for it... back to the forest!

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