Thursday, 10 September 2009


There was a big green bug on the bathroom ceiling, it was staring at me. I wanted to take a photo of it, but my battery ran out; it comes on, but the shutter is disabled. Don't get it. Anyway ... I went to see another flat today and hated it. It was like a house where people go to die. In fact, the room I was shown had someone's stuff still in it... even their toothbrush. I can only assume something awful happened. But what was more awful was the ghastly wardrobe which they said they wouldn't get rid of, for love nor money as my Nan would say. So I did my 'wow, it's lovely ... I'll call you' like going on a disappointing date in a cheesy drama on TV. I won't call them. I will keep looking though, as much as it depresses me when they post beautiful fake photos of death pit rooms.
I have also found a few things I would like to do ... volunteering at Oxfam bookshop once a week or so - to escape.... and to obviously help the planet. I also found a part time job vacancy in a uni library which I'd really love to do... cross those fingers and toes again (for all of the above, love and money)
I'm so upset my camera is dead; I wanted to decorate this...
Anywho, I'm going to run away to sit in a dark corner to finish reading 'Eclipse' then I shall write some pages (In the 'my room' of my head)
Then I will make a million wishes that everything will squeeze into some kind of order in my life. I'm just asking for the basics: Flat, Good part time job, writing time, and an endless supply of coffee...

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Tweety Sweet Pea said...

Good luck, lovely! Keep your chin up.