Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Flights of the Imagination

What do I wear? I think a blue striped frilly shirt and knitted smock with frilly net petticoats are in order... blue hair ribbons, black wedges and red sunglasses... yes please. I'm going to meet david at BFI on the Southbank. My Mum calls me again - i think she calls me when I'm on a bus on purpose... she is psychic you know. She was telling me that my little borther is going to his prom : he is 11, I don't get it but I'm sure it will be cute :) ... I'm going to make him his waistcoat - my frst Flutterbydaisy boywear.
I have too much energy and am bouncing around the tube on my way to waterloo. When i get there I have no idea where I am or where I'm going, so I park myself in between an ice-cream van and a fountain... whilst waiting for David I contemplate buying a 99 but by the time I've thought it through and found my change the van drives away.
we wait in the foyer because we are early and have a coffee - in a HUGE mug, I drank it in about three seconds flat (it's yumminess made up for the loss of the 99) I love how this foyer is decorated ... with dark velvety, victorianesque, floral sofas and matching carpets... that's what I'd like my livingroom to look like.
The films were lovely. They were old 1920's silent films about the moon ... and there was a man playing the piano along with them. I felt like I was in a different time. I loved thinking about all the people back then 'till now who have watched it before me and that made me smile. I loved the one with the little ballerina looking girl that was falling from the moon.
After the film, which calmed down my hiperactivness slightly we went to Pizza Express to share a four cheese pizza that we guessed only had two cheeses on. Then of course we had to have a tiramisu. Yum.

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