Thursday, 25 June 2009


I'm sitting in the sticky bus talking to my Mum on the phone - I'm trying not to sound like a phone-on-the-bus people I face the window, which in hindsight probably made my voice louder on the re-bound. I don't know if it's Mum asking me the questions or if it's just me wanting to tell her everything, but we end up creating a code word :)
Score - one of my silly bits of paper in this centre of jbs wants a librarian - that sounds fun ... but it's too hot for this - so I take a walk back home.
I'm listening to 'The Sundays' now in the empty living room - A wish came through the window - she danced around infront of me. I scooped her up to make mine then let her go. I remember when me, Mum and Nan used to call them clocks and play with them in the garden before m aking pud pies and throwing balls against the side of the house.
Later I play with a spider in the shower and marvel at how strange my feet look ... I don't know how long I was in there, but when i came out my room had turned to pretty blue.... I swam into my bed to sit and read - then I fell away into a dream at the bottom of the sea.


Lying here - staring at the sky.
The white blurs,
The plant on the side is too old,
misses the sun and lops over to one side. I sigh.
I close my eyes - there are colours there.
But it's not time to dream:
The sun has gone down, but i don't feel sleepy.

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