Friday, 10 July 2009

Back in Time


There's half a firefly in my head
I sneeze her out :
but her other half is nowhere to be seen.
She can't fly straight :
only in circles
So she gets upset :
but no one knows why...
Everyone else sees her with both sides.


Tonight we went to 'Decline and Fall' : went back in time. There were flappers and boys is top hats - the upstairs was a secret... untill the bouncer rolled away, then I got a sneaky peek on my way back from the bathroom. It was lovely... would like to have a party there.
We shared wine and then I went for a walk - there was a crazy dog.
We watched lots of lovely acts in front of a pretty theatre backdrop... Vicky Butterfly was a dream, loved her show and knickers.
Then we walked all the way back to Davids and fell asleep watching AusNTM final.

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