Sunday, 19 July 2009

A man and the Moon

I went to meet David today ... we went to La Porchetta and filled ourselves to death with pasta, and sparkley water - no wine for Natanya today. No no no. We left a little note for the staff on a napkin which was cute and funny. The machine didn't work so he ran up the street.
We walked to see the moon who was hiding in a little theatre called Screen on the Green. Slightly confusing but lovely all the same. We are kids in the cinema. Cinemas and art galleries do that - because they are magic, and when you are there with a man and a moon, the magical confusion can only be measured in cup-fulls, lots and lots of cup-fulls *

Waiting at the bus stop I went crazy - but coffee made me feel a ittle better...

Then I was on another planet that was so far away from the moon I forgot where I was. I lost a star and then found twelve in little brown paper packages strewn all over the floor of my subconcious: I got a shovel and now I am going to paste them to my desk so I can stare at them all the time.

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iaxe393 said...

i fancy MOON but i still have not seen it x