Sunday, 5 July 2009

Back to the moon to collect my brain, I left it there

Early. Not enough sleep. Bus - Oyster card empty. Change. I manage to read a big chunk of my book untill I get home. Then I do that thing where you just sit... not even thinking. I think it's the lack of sleep, it must be - or the moon. I'm not sad - just weird. I remove myself from the sofa to my room - lay on the bed. Stay there... but then this incredible thing happens where my mind was so empty that something took over and I picked up a pen a made myself a huge list of things that I'd like to do over the next few days, weeks and months. this includes making new party dresses, necklaces and Flutterbydaisy T-Shirts. I'm also going to make a 'petal pack', mailing list, and when I move out I'm going to start some art, naked lady art. This is what has to happen to my mind before I can do anything productive - it has to get empty first... I have to go to my own little dream world. I don't know why I'm so spaced out.
Time passes so fast that it's time to go and meet david again ... so I put myself back on the bus and read some more of my book. It's a really nice day - but I'm wearing a jumper and trousers, I'm not sure why... it wasn't even the first thing I put on - I actually thought about it ... there's something wrong with me today. At Jacksons Lane Theatre: It's funny because there's no one else here but us. David has to lock up so I follow up the winding church steps to the dance studio at the top that has amazing windows. I want to dance around but my body is not in the mood, so I take some photos instead. We take our little risotto home to eat it with chicken. On the way we walk under suicide bridge, I used to live near here ages ago, the little walkway by the side of the bridge is lovely and reminds me of Little Switzerland near The Humber Bridge. I tell him that when you drown it is supposed to be euforic - I don't know where I heard that, but I think it must be true - you will have no weight there. This all happened because of the bridge - it has a strange energy. We were going to watch 'Love me if you dare' but we were both so spaced out and tired that we just sat like carrots on the sofa watching Miami Ink and Project Runway, 'till we fell asleep like hamsters.


Chelsea said...

I'll keep my eyes out for more of your pretty garments and art. I wish my emptyness resulted in such productiveness and organisation.

frank said...

hi nat- can i ask you what camera you use for pics- particularly the one on this blog - you in the mirror- i want to get a good one and i have not got a clue- and your pics are always good?
ft x