Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Rain ... lots of rain

After 3 hours of sleep I got up : one of those things where you open your eyes a minute before your alarm goes off - spooky.
It was a nice day so I threw on a top and skirt and ran out ...
The waiting room was dull, but I had my book, I hoped they wouldn't take long because I only had 80 pages or so left and the last thing I wanted to do was sit here and stare into the bleakness. But all my wishes were ignored and after I finished the last page (reading as slowly as I could manage) they left me waiting for three hours - with the metal chair carving a groove into my back. I went for a 'walk' around the waiting room but was too aware that everyone was looking at me because there was nothing else to look at, so I sat back down to camouflage myself. There were lots of people walking into a little room and coming out with a white mask on. Strange. Maybe it should have evoked somekind of terror of the unknown : I ignored it and fell into a day dream where I was in the bath at home with vogue. All of a sudden a woman hobbled in (quite fast for a hobble) and started screaming 'I'm suicidal... I need help' oh my. Then someone called my name... my turn and I was in there for all of 2 seconds, as I knew what I wanted but they wouldn't take that into consideration at the counter. Was it worth waiting going on four hours? uf. I brisk walk back, past the builders who were looking at me funny - I thought maybe one of those masks must have gotten attatched to me. I stoped for a Whisper, then the rain started. It was the craziest storm I've ever been caught in .. the drops were huge and made gigantic puddles in seconds - I ran for the cafe with the canopy. Two wet and laughing boys followed me wielding a Henry the hoover. Weird. 'Where's the Henry shop' he asked, which I thought was funny as he of all poeple looked as though he should know exactly where the Henry shop is. The rain got worse and I saw a massive bolt of lightening - I've never seen it so close before, and I startd counting like they do in the films .... I didn't even get to two and the loudest crash and crackle happened what seemed like right over the cafe. Me and the boys froze for a second before a big van flew past drowning us with an ever growing puddle/lake. Awsome. I was far too aware in that moment that I was under a metal thing in the lightening, and was already soaked through, soI tucked my book up my jumper and walked the rest of the way home. I walked at a regular pace... so the rain didn't win.
I had the best shower ... thinking about been out in the rain.
Nap; I needed to dream.
When I woke up it felt like another day and I was completely inspired and happy. I wrote fr a while and then thought about what I'm going to make myself to put in my new room (that I have not yet found, but will soon) it will be sea green, turqoise, ballet pink and cream. Dreamy.


It's hard to hear the bird song now you've opened the door of my cage.

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