Friday, 31 July 2009


... not much ... only that the fairies inside my head are on holiday, which means I am momentarily insane.
I can't spell or even fly around without fear of falling ... my only place to hide is my new sea green room which isn't really mine anyway in the end (the end being the 13th of August)
But today me and Jessica went to look at pretty things in portobello ... wish I could have bought it all - I will live there one day, in a pile of lace.
Listening to Ruby Throat now, drinking wine ... I feel as though I am not really here and someone is inside of me moving me around like a big puppet - but I don't know who they are...
... Pass me some scissors? ornate gold and iory ones if possible ...


Too many lights and faded trees,
too many words without thought - wihout belief, without meaning,
but we all make up fairysories to make us feel [better]
too many, too much - and not enough at all.

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Chelsea said...

If we paddle enough we could reach japan, or at least france to stop for macaroons. Portobello is fantastic, I need a rummaging outing, even though i get scared by the amount of taxidermy there.