Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Cave of Wonders and a Sharon Fruit

Today is my meeting with Jessica. I'm going to her house in Notting Hill so she can draw and make etchings of me for her new novel.
... I was waiting at the station and then all of a sudden I fairy with a black umbrella crept around the corner in odd shoes to meet me. One was sparkley. We didn't need the umbrella : we're not afraid of the rain. Walking into her house was like walking into my dream world, and we both had the suspicion that I had in fact been there before. I'm sure at this point that I'm meeting myself from the future. I'm so overwhelmed with the whole atmosphere, her/me/miss protagonist and her pretty little house. There are bits and bobs and cluter of the pretty kind, books books and more books, a beautiful bed with an dead/wild animal-like duvet, a dolls house bath with an array of lacey vintage clothes hanging from is rails - like a jungle of fabric, pictures and writing ... so lovely. wow. So obviously as we get talking we find out just how much we have in common not only with each other but also with the characters in the books...
She reads my tarot, and it says what I thought it would (not at first because I thought it was somehing else but now I know it said what I knew it would)
Her friend comes over and I'm talking like I don't usually when I first meet people. They make me laugh. We manage to pour lots of bottles of wine down our throats and then she draws some, she said she will need me again for more. We talk forever and the time flies - we eat a quiche. I choke on my quiche. Forks? bottles of water wine. Picnic at Hanging Rock? of course. SHARON FRUIT??! tomato plants: A garden in the flat.
You call ... we wish I could drive and steal a car ***

(sharon fruit pic by tidathemonk on flickr)

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