Saturday, 4 July 2009

At Cafe Maria

Hangover or no hangover ... I'm going to Marias for an L Word and food day. I had 5 coffees before I went round which made me insane. When I got there the big pile of tires outside her flat confused me; the smell reminded me of when I went to buy a bike with my Mum when I was about 10 ... I went back there in my head: We got the same ones, a big and little version. Maria has a million stairs - that's what it felt like anyway. Juice. I then read three magazines - well, I read the pictures anywho, then cafe Maria served up some awesome fried egg on cheese on toast with veggie sausages - yum.
We had a break from the inside and went to sit on the roof terrace - this is such a lovely flat, they are moving out soon to make room for their babies so I might sneek in behind them - now that would be lovely ... we watched the planes, there were so many. I wondered who was on them and were they were going, happy that I wasn't on one of them and felt a tiny prick of fear at the thought of being so high with no feathery wings attatched to my side. People either hate taking off or landing - I hate the bit in the middle.
You can never watch the L Word too many times, especially the eppisodes with Rosanna Arquette in. hehe we laughed loads as if we'd watched it there and then for the first time, maybe it was the alcohol left in us from the day before.
Then we got ready (well .... put more make-up on, thinking that our random girly day was hilarious) to go to stay beautiful... it was a strange night, I think we got there to late. We had a couple of drinks, sat in a corner pretending we were in one of those 80's films; we were the geeks waiting for someone to ask us to dance. So went back to hers to eat toast, drink a vodka and orange and watch some more eppisodes.
At 3:30am I jumped on the bus to davids - the sky was purple ... I thought about more people in planes and decided that if I was to ever get in one again I would go at night, because at least that way you can look at pretty lights as you go.

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