Thursday, 9 July 2009

Wishing loud butterflies would come to drown it out

It's three in the morning and Little Italy in the kitchen is being far too loud. I can't be bothered to say anything... so I'll just put my ipod on and read....
But anyway:
Yesterday I asked the fairy... and she told me to read what I had missed. I just wish it was back to normal. I want to go for a picnic, told her I'd take her there - she can sit in my pocket and crochet while I put jam on the sadwiches, sorry... jelly. Hope she comes back soon - I need to tell her that I have some glue for those petals. I'll write it to her and send it on a paper plane : catch *
Before I left my house I said to Lisa that I wanted to read, but didn't want to start a different book until I got 'New Moon' ... then I went to Davids and he had bought me it :) it was wrapped up all pretty in Purple tissue, and the pages are lined with red - he said it was the only one in the shop - maybe it's magic: yum and kisses. This morning was difficult to get out of bed (I say that as though it's usually (I want to say 'a piece of cake' but I wont)) it was comfy and I wanted to stay there all day - but we got up to go for brunch. Jacket potato and cheeeeeeese, well, what else?? Time passes incredibly, as usual - I honestly think that me + David + Cafe = Time Warp. For sure. Back at his we listen to the music he made for this film which is cool and drink some coffee. Sometimes he picks me up as though I was one of those dolls with a little suction pad on the bottom - the ones you lick and stick to the car window.
It's time to go ... bus ... read ... back home ... more coffee (decaf - awesome) no letters. I get straight on with the wedding dress I'm making for a flutterbydaisy in America ... it's looking lush. And then I make myself a dress to wear tomorrow night, we're going to see a burlesque show. Whilst I was sewing like a crazy Lisa was in the other room with wine... They are happy about winning a Glastenbury competition, and later they all went to the pub. I had some peace, listened to Bat for Lashes, watched QI, ate some cheese on toast, had a day dream or two - wrote them down on pink paper. They came back a while ago ... first I had Lisa sitting next to me getting all emotional - she left and in came Marina in her place next to me getting more emotional still. Its weird being the only sober in a room, funny though. I just wish drunken Italy would give it a rest for tonight:
Shower... ipod.... Book....

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frank said...

I ADORE the pic of you writing