Friday, 17 July 2009

A picture

The five second memory loss when you wake up is unfair.
We went to Amazon cafe, and I looked like death... but I ate all my salad - today I am a good girl. Let's get lost in our jacket potato. You make me laugh. But then I have to go home. You kiss my bye.
You will see me soon you say.
I'll call you I say.
let's go back inside and swim in coffee be ghosts in the TV and fall away where no-one can find us. Take me there ... I dare you.
Love me if you Dare ( my favourite film)
I want to be a page in a beautiful book ... one of those ones that smell like old painted roses.
I will get on the bus, I wont think all day.
Home : I can't move anything and I see the mess that most people can't see ... I know where to look, I made it after all. I look at prety things online. Pretty things make everything better.
Maria comes over, I'm not ready yet, but she knows me and so told me we had to leave half an hour before we actually had to leave. I try to do that to .... but I can't lie to myself : although I try. We get to the theatre on time and I look as though I'd just fallen out of a tree so Maria buys me coffee, but it's hot and we can't take it inside, and there's not enough milk in the world. Some guy drops/throws a wine glass and I see it in slow motion miss my leg. So, were here to see Dorian Gray and the buzzers are all buzzing which means we have to run up several flights of stairs to the second circle. We walk. Oh My G - vertigo ... the seats are almost just stacked on top of one another and I'm so high and hungover that it takes me fifteen minutes or so to stop feeling as though I'm going to fall forwards over everyone and land on the stage. Crisps. The show was amazing, I didn't think I'd enjoy it, but I really did - it was beautiful, and funny in parts. Outside in the interval I met the lovely Jessica Greenman ... she wants to draw me. (pic on here is one of her etchings) next week - I'm looking forward to throwing leaves around her garden and picking daisies from her hallway. Maybe we knew each other when we were fairies in a previous life.
Let's all write poems in treehouses - then no-one will ever have to be sad again.
After the show me and Maria went to a Greek place to eat salmon and it was yum. The waitress sucked but the food, irish coffee and the laughs she gave us made up for it ten-fold. Origami salmon.
I called you ... you will see me soon.
You will see me in my dreams you say ... I will be waiting.
So we watch The L Word and laugh and fall asleep.
I had a dream about vampires, I wanted to be one, and a pretty made my wish come true ... I think I have been reading New Moon too much :)
I'll go now ... go and wait.
Birds in trees ... on different branches ...

A cold heart will burst if mistrusted first... and a calm heart will break when given a shake - Feist.

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