Wednesday, 22 July 2009

I want everything green...

My bed.

My covers.

My chest of drawers.

My sewing desk.

My curtains.

My towel.

My world ...

so I feel like I'm living under the sea like those sirens and mermaids in the waterhouse paintings. There's an exhibition of his, I can't remember the dates, but I'll find out and then I'll go.
I spent the most part of my day on the number 38:

Got lost on my way to the tube to get home, went to meet Rich for a lunch and was so late, but did enjoy my aubergine and goats cheese burger when it finally arrived. WE talked about stuff we've missed - it's nice because even if we don't see each oher for months, when we do meet it's as though we saw each other yesterday. We laughed about Hull and some of the people in it. Then he had to go back to work so I took myself around Foyles - I won't buy anything though - not today : today I will be good. After non-book-shopping I go home again sleep for ten minutes because my body is not happy with me that I woke up at 6:30 (which I should do always, but go to bed earlier ... the morning is so pretty - I've no seen it in ages.... I have to sleep with the curtains open in my new green under the sea place) another outfit change and I'm out the door again and on the good old bus - think it was the same one as I felt as though I'd known him all my life. I'm early to meet david who is on his way back from a photoshoot, so I go into WHSmiths (where else) most of the books that are on sale there upset me, but they did have Murakami and lots of pretty note books I want to buy to not write in... just gather under my bed (my green bed) he makes me jump and then we go for coffee. He looks pretty *** Then he has to go ... he will be in Wales, and in a few days I will be in Hull ... but we will see each other on Tuesday.
Back on the 38 ... which should also be green.
I get a new dress it was a pound or something on ebay and I love it to death. I play in it ... then dye my sheets - it has to be done.
... now I'm going to dance around my room listening to pretty music.


xKollix said...

Did you buy a Murakami?

also, I had a dream that you and I were getting wasted on E and raving through the night. It was awesome.

I miss you

Natanya said...

:) xxx