Saturday, 15 May 2010

And another...

Luna came over to get ready and drink wine. We went to Dublin Castle to see The Dogbones. It all gets a little cloudy after that. Maria, David and Luna went home at some points and I had more wine that I didn't really need. Then I was elsewhere, untill we walked through the streets staring at the sky. You carried my shoes, my feet are not happy with me. There are others who are less happy with me, I think, vaguely. I guess I wish he could have stayed. I need to stop from turning events to fairytales. You see this is another, and this is not quite normal. I walked to Lunas as I couldn't even imagine sleeping but instead had other thoughts - even though you said goodnight, but I did sleep later - and I will sleep again now. Wish I could stay asleep for a couple of weeks or so. I wish so many things.


Anonymous said...

A girl is kind of creepy, having never met you, or talked to you. But likes to read your blog, because you intrigue her.
Maybe it's weird.
She is pretty weird.
She thinks Natanya seems too good for some of the things she does.
She read that post from last September, when you wrote about seeing all the drunk screaming morons, that you don't notice when you're one of them. Alcohol destroys the soul, and she thinks Natanya's soul is too pretty for that kind of fate.
Maybe she is wrong, and doesn't know what she is talking about, but will leave this "flutter" anyway...

Natanya said...

I'm sure I have met you and talk to you often - am I right? maybe not...
you could say who you are as I find it impossible to take advice, like sweets, from a stranger.
I do other things that are indeed bad for my soul that are not as you (and I) described them and I do this with or without the aid of magic juice.
But thank you and I agree: alcohol is bad, which is why I just gave up.
xxx xxx

Anonymous said...

I am a literal stranger, and I guess you are very right to pay no attention at all. It was not supposed to be advice.. more.. Hmm. I'm not sure how to put it. I won't even try.

I'm good at people. Even through a screen. Arrogant, perhaps.

I just had to say it. I shall be silent now. I'm glad if you stop. Stay wonderful. x