Tuesday, 11 August 2009

My Temporary Fairy Cave

I'm not going to live here for long now ... but I decided that seeing as it will be just mine untill the end of August that I should make it the prettiest it can be, and then I will be happy inside it reading, writing, sleeping and thinking - and will therefore feel less inclined to be driven completely insane by the looming events of my not too distant future (Thursday to be precise)

I also decided that in order to wipe clean all wrongdoings and past life I should dye my hair back to how it was three years ago: Now I feel much happier in my own little world with my own ... hair. This slate is well and truly ready for a new piece of chalk - a green one.

Awesome ... plus it's grown a lot which is nice : my aim is Rapunzel. I must finish the rest of New Moon now, my Mum, Josh and Glen came to visit for a week or so - so I have had no time to read (apart for that little space before you go to sleep where your eyes are all a blur, which is frustrating) We all had a lovely time by the by.
I also bought myself some black notepaper and a white pen which is where I shall finish my book about the magpies ... I will get lost there.
... One last thing before I vanish : I got a lovely surprise gift in the post from two beautiful butterfly girls who are trapped in a dorm ... and they indeed made me feel a whole lot happier ... just when I needed it - they must be magic fairy girls ***


Tweety Sweet Pea said...

I love love love your wee blog! You have a wonderful way with words. I'm jealous of your hair-do in that picture. I can never do it.

Vanessa. said...

I absolutely adore your room, it's beautiful! I can only dream that when I have a place of my own I can make mine as pretty as yours.

Tanita-Alethia said...

I miss you =[
are you going to the ruby throat gig in november?

a mouse said...

*looks so pretty!* im sure
it will attract lots of fairies.

a mouse said...

your hair looks gorgeous by the way