Thursday, 11 June 2009


I got home early and picked up some letters... I like early because all the mean people havn't been let out yet - they are still hibernating in their safari. I even got back in time to catch the post man! ... today is post day. I got a lovely letter from two pretties who have just bought my poetry book * there are no more left now ... I will have more printed asap.
... I packed up some stuff I'd sold and plucked up the courage to walk down to Hackney central post office - but it's so nice! no meanies to be seen anywhere! last night Maria told me if I think negative then I'll draw bad thins like a magnet and I should think positive ... think it's working! :)
I was walking so fast home with a pollen nose, I had my mouth open and had a random image of sucking up a bypassing bee - all fluffy: swoop *cough* (must close mouth when walking)
Then I sat myself down to make a dress ... a sailor dress ... it's yummy.
Poppy time : cuddles : fluff...
Now I'm listening to Kylie waiting for David to call, will meet him at the bus stop - he will be introduced to Poppy, then we shall make our way to a show.

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