Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Fairy songs on Safari

Happy birthday to my Nan! :) who is all the way up in Hull :(
Went to The Lexington in Angel to see Snowbird... put my eyelashes on and then cried them off : I think it was the most emotional gig I have ever seen ... Stephanie is a fairy and there is nothing to do about it. The last ime I cried during a live show I was 10 ... I came to London with my violin group (no, I can't play now to save my life) we went to see the orchestra - it was awsome (I have used this several times and this time I mean it in the real sence of the word)
I was on white wine shandy which was only £1.50 : bargain. I escaped with my cheepo drink outside for air and Lisa, Marina and Stephanie were soon to follow. With magnets.
Stephanie fairy went home with her Mr and we went to meet david at Islington Academy. While we were waiting there was this random weird drunk who asked strange questions. Lisa said I was being rude to him, but seriously ...
We all went for a drink in an even stranger bar where I felt as though I was stuck on safari. I was the rabbit; the drunks at the bar were the lions. They annoyed us for a while untill Alex and his Missus Sarah came and we all escaped ... in the safari van of number 38.
Alex brought wine, so we drank it.
We also watched '30 days of Night', talked, laughed, and got to bed at 4:30am ...
I had a beautiful dream ... and he was there *

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