Monday, 22 June 2009

A bit of Mathematics

It seemed strange to wake up in my bed with her, not really like going into the past, but more like stepping into a different dimention... I know now that this is not supposed to be where I am supposed to be. Later this night we divided our things into piles. We laughed at memories and played ghost track music as we swept not only the floor but lots of stuff away and pretended as though we were in one of those films: it was a montage, looking back and seeing the future. I'm looking forward to moving - I have a place to go now, and it is a lovely one with lovely people - so that makes me smile. I will paint my bed green, I will scrap my TV and write all day. I'll get lost... in a good way.
The rest of my day was spent writing, I'm really excited about this book I have on the go... I can see good things, sparkley things all on the horizon (peeking over it and waving at me)
I'm so happy that what was once all dismal with no hope has turned quite suddenly into a bright glowing thing... unexpected things have happened - things I was catapulted into or across that I thought at the time would kill me, but in fact they were the very things that have kept me alive. I'm so gratefull for it all, for everthing that has been - even the bad, especially the bad ... because without any of that we wouldn't be so happy now. Never in my life have I witnessed a break down of a relationship go full circle into something new and lovely with beautiful outcomes for each...
I feel we are both, now, better.
... and after all of that, I think it's time for a BNTM break, don't you? ...

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