Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Camden-->Regents Park-->Baker Street-->Home

So happy that Alex and his missus Sarah are visiting I've missed him and I'm so smiley that me and Sarah get on like a house on fire (I've never quite got that saying to be honest - does a house on fire... get on?.... what does it get on, apart from fire? ... and is this good? ... I don't know, but what I'm trying to say is that she is lovely) :)
I managed to get up when I said I would ... but we didn't leave untill much later - why am I always late even when I'm on time??
I ended up on the front page of MySpace again which is fun :)
We played eye spy on the bus and remembered being little... it's so strange to think that me and Alex have known each other for 14 years! There were a few bus-type-freaks but I was happy so they didn't annoy me too much.
Camden: We walked up the high street, pub food, burger, talks, photos, remembering .... late! walked back up high street, David, cafe, coffee.... yum. Alex caught a fly and showed us his video where he smashes bricks with his foot - don't worry; he is a professional. Talks, laughs, hugs .... we walk....
Regents Park: to the zoo? no... park, flowers, beautiful.... want to stay there all day. Waterfall, Fairy Garden, kisses... * ... Alex impresses us all with his amazing trainers with wheels in them as he whizzes past me and David while Sarah snaps a piccie. Past the pond: careful, over a pretty bridge, keeping me close....
Baker Street: Glare at the Sherlock Holmes museum! ok.... gone. A shop with t-shirts.... tube, David has to go, and we are getting far too chilly to stay outside so we jump on the magical bus of childrens games ... if I were a???? HORSE!!, COW!!, PIG!! .... bunny??
Home: pizza, more laughs and Bill Bailey..... sleeeeeeeep (with ipod burrowing into my brain via my ear)

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