Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Wondering in Wonderland

I woke up today with that feeling of dread you get when you think you may have slept through your alarm. I have an interview today; I'm far too sleepy.
Sprite - Clothes - Coffee - Teeth - Coffee - Bus
I'm in a good mood today, I feel refreshed even though I only managed to catch four hours sleep. The morning people on the bus with their dull expressions and bad moods don't get me down... not today, and I'm surrounded by at least five of them who are having those tense should-be-at-home phone conversations: way too loud.
Burried in my book and thinking.
Baker street: nestled in between rows of pretty flats is a little curious shop in which I have my interview. Everyone seems nice enough I guess. There were questions I needed to ask but they all escaped my mind; put on the spot. I think I have to be the worst at this.
Drifted in and out.
The weather is lovely, I couldn't possibly imagine going back home to Hackney now even though the sun does make it seem 10% prettier. So instead i decided to stroll down to Regents park. It is so beatiful here, I feel as though i'm in a secret garden - I can't believe i didn't realise this existed here up untill a few weeks ago. How could this be possible? I'm happy I brought my camera. My stroll takes me to the top of a waterfall where a perfect little bench is waiting for me... I'll write here and later get lost again in my book.
As I was reading, listening to the water a tiny little squirrel minding her own business hops out from under my seat and walks across the way - i wanted to take a photo, but she is obviously too shy for portraits. She ducks off into a bush.
Now I'm surrounded by bees and not in the slightest bit afraid (they are bzzing in my ear) I think I may have fallen away into a dream world - that, or, I'm getting sunstroke. I think I shall go to take a better look at the waterfall.
I decided to walk all the way through the park and on to camden. On my way an ice-cream shop was calling me bt i was 20p short, with no cash machine in sight I'm forced to supress my sugar craving untill later when i will stop off at the corner shop to get me a 'feast' yum.
Left the joggers, dogs, stray balls and school kids now for busy roads, cars and beeping... just in time for the bus.
There's a woman at the back chanting 'you're all bastards' but today I'm too happy; I get back to my book.
Home: I crochet some pretties and get some more of Kates pics photoshopped, listening to tunes on shuffle as I go... I could run a really good coffee shop with my current playlist.
The house feels like there's something or someone missing; we are all here: Lisa is sleeping on the sofa, Stef is at the table and Marina is cooking.
I have to go get ready to go meet david now...


You will be
across the Sea...
and i will be here.

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