Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Fashion Show Ahoy

Sooooooo, after lot's of fighting with myself and then my computer and then myself again... after hibernating and watching L Word Re-runs and disappearing and falling off the world... after getting lost in my head and fighting my way back out of the candyfloss that's in there with a wet spoon I finally managed to sort 80% of all of this out and now the tickets for my Flutterbydaisy Fashion Show are on sale!! yey!! they are e-tickets and you can get them here: http://www.etickets.to/buy/?e=4058 they are £8 in advance (and I think the people charge you 69p or something) and the price will get higher if you buy on the door (I don't make the rules...eek) ... so here's a bit of the lowdown: on Thursday 4th March @ 7pm prompt (!!) untill 2am (when aftershow party ends and we all fall down) @ The Dome (above The Boston Arms) Tufnell Park, London, N19.... Nuala Merne, Esther Dee, David Ryder Prangley, Maleficent and The Dogbones will be playing live sets some before and some after the catwalk show (for which I have already found 6 fairy models and am still looking for 4 or so more so get in touch wherever you are hiding, the rocks in the garden I'm guessing) at the door I will give you a free raffle ticket to win a Flutterbydaisy dress from the show on the night (winner will be anounced straight after the catwalk show) then in the corner will be one of my little fairy assistants selling all the items from the catwalk and other goodies like limited edition prints, cds, poster, tshirts etc ....... ALSO Hannah Daisy will be fluttering around taking photos of all the guests for the website archive and floating along of his own accord will be Donato the documentary man. Which means you should all look as pretty as bunnies and smile a lot. I think I just about covered everything, in a mumbled kind of way ... but anyway, yes I can't wait! see you there lovelies!!! <3


Vanessa. said...

It's not fair, I want to come so much.. wish I lived in England :( xx

Chelsea said...

Wish i could flutter along to this, sounds fun, music and pretty dresses, what more could an evening need :)

Tanita-Alethia said...

I would love to walk like a cat for you.
but alas im a but of a lars ass now.
haha, i wish i could come.


Natanya said...

I wish you could all come!! :)
Tanita: if you want to walk for me I would love you too ***

Tanita-Alethia said...

that would be amazing, but i sould just feak out, skinny tall lasys surrounding my short chubby self.

Natanya said...

They aren't all tall skinny lasses hehe! ... I havn't asked actual models, just lovelies who look like fairies, like you do and I don't think any of them have walked a catwalk before .. I think it would be lovely if you were part of it also because you were the first to buy one of my dresses :)
but if not you should come down for drinks anyway :) ... I'm celebrating my birthday on this day too I think (even though it will have been on the 22nd Feb)