Saturday, 31 December 2011

Athena Miller in her Flutterbydaisy Dress; Mad for Tea; and Knitting Pretty...

* Athena Miller in her Flutterbydaisy Dress *

Love these photos Athena sent me today... very Alice in Flutterland...

Tales from The Treehouse

Today disappeared. Laughing with my lil bro that boredom caught on until I tea stained almost the entirety of my wardrobe in the sink ... now everything matches. Thinking up frills to wear tomorrow for doing nothing with you, I'm thinking something tea stained, clearly, wrapped in a red bow to let go of the sparkles we're buying before we do and eat lunch; we like plans when they are to do nothing. The rest of my non-day was spent knitting, there I sat, here, I have lots of knittedness in the making for a few lovelies...Knit knit... lala knit... la la...full of wool. It would be nice in the morning of the postman posted me my camera films *crosses fingers and toes* typing of postmen - the case of the missing package was open, had chapters and is now solved and Sabines dresses are safe home with her to dance in for New Years hurrah!
I hope you all have a beautiful one filled with Magic and sparkles xx

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