Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Moon, The Star, Shuna's Video and The Magic Lady...

* SHUNA in her Magical video wearing her Flutterbydaisy dress *

Tales from the Treehouse

She was standing, stooping, swaying, velvet purse in hand, lips coral, fabric long and hair longer, silver threaded and weaved. I saw her see me... she is The Moon, The Star and no cards in between : telling me to be patient, to wait through a storm that is here or coming, in the end it could be possible, whatever it may be... but beware The Moon especially when it's looking. I wonder where she went when she left, walking, gait irregular and strange... She could have been the future, the past or from another time all together, she was definitely not from the here and now. Beautiful, effortless, ageless and made of pure magic...

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