Friday, 2 December 2011

Between a Raven and a Writing Desk...

Alice in Wonderland 'Drink Me' Pendant

...I wore it here : love it...

Tales from The Treehouse
Sewing thread and wrapping jersey over wire; a flower. Finished a dress, packed wrapped... time went slow and then too fast some of it went away because the Clock ran out of tick. Walking around The North Point, seeing what you saw; the walking grey... I try not to breathe it in, and them: they see me see them so I blink longer. A wall of wool is the only wall there that looks the same, it all smells the same though and I remember that dream I kept having about being stuck in this place. You have to pay at the front so I did. Now I'm going to knit it all together. Would be lovely to visit the day we sat listening to Golden Oldies and sewing sparkles on to butterfly wings; there was no grey then... Where did all those colours go?

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Stephanie said...

I have two necklaces from Mymble's Daughter! Would have them all if I could...I miss you beautiful xxx