Saturday, 7 January 2012

Necklace Love: Macabre to Fairytale, and the curiosities between... Etsy filled day searching through the weird and wonderful... on my way I found these amazing necklaces and clearly want them all... so I thought I'd share my findings with you...
and here's where I found them: * Butterfly Wing * Bee * Real Butterfly * Rabbit * Doll *


Tales From The Treehouse

Falling away in beautiful days, duvet days where it's a tent and the flowers inverted leave shadows on your face. We look at the moon, but I already feel as though I'm there with you... it shines a strange colour and there's a ladder leading, I'm sure it doesn't matter how many runs we climb as long as we were making our way up at the same time. We'll get there one day, or not, but either way the journey will be the loveliest... let's run away to the beach when the sky is clear and read each others words, light fires and move stones with just our minds



Dearest Jackdaw said...

Hello sweet!

I'm trying to locate the real butterfly necklace in your post but I can't find it in the sellers shop or sold items :( you can't point me in the right direction can you?

PS, as always - I love your writing. I always struggle with reading words and keeping them in my mind long enough to comprehend what's actually on the page, but somehow your words paint a clear picture and I feel like I'm there ♥

Natanya said...

Hello Petal ...
Thank you so much <3
... I found the necklace way back in 2008 and it's been hiding in my Etsy favourites ever since, now they have a new store which was the link I included - here's the link to the original listing : hope this helps :