Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Called by the antiques shop

I was on my way to buy chicken after Luna said I should eat better instead of living on Rice Krispies and I was called by something inside the Antiques Shop... I thought it could have been the big red velvet and dark wood chair that was baking in the heat of outside at first, either because it was too hot, or it wanted to join my other chairs (since my little colection became famous this side of Holloway Road) but it turned out not to be the chair at all, so I went inside. I always find lovely things here, once a victorian parasol and another time a very old old map of Yorkshire. I found a little book of Whitby in there, but that was not what I wanted... what was shouting me was the cutest Lucky Rabbits Foot I have ever seen... and the stone on it looks like amethyst, which is my birth stone, so it was meant to be so I bought him and took him home. He is sitting on my book shelf now with a key that took my eye on my way out and the prettiest dressmaking scissors that Simona and Jason bought for me. Today I am happy and everything is lovely... as was my chicken dinner.

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