Monday, 28 June 2010

Brief Encounters

Found some bunny postcards in The British Museum ... one by Albrecht Durer. I bid on a vintage postcard of his Hare study which had been written on and posted once upon a time - can't wait to get it and see when it's dated. I wont be able to understand the message mind you as it is in German. But it looks pretty, going to frame him. The other postcards were of the Flopsy Bunnies; illustrations from the Beatrix Potter series. I also bought myself a mini netbook so I can transfer my book onto it and start writing out and about... first destination: Regents Park. I know I'm being a little bad as I'm still saving for my deposit, but this brings about good in a ying yang kind of way as I'll be making more frilly dresses for you :) (well that's how I'm justifying it to myself anyway) After our brief encounter with the bunny section at the museum we went to Habitat where I fell in love with a sofa named Louis, and Maria almost bedded a sheepskin rug (which she later bought)


Jupitersrabbits said...

I love Albrecht Durer. :)

Natanya said...

His little animals are lovely ... going to go on a hunt for all his prints :)