Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Covent Garden, Planet Earth

If I want to get up earlier I need to sleep earlier, so why am I here now? tomorrow I'm going to go on a mini search for Flutterbydaisy Finds ... as my other only have one day left in the auction. I should really put my Fashion show pieces in my etsy shop too - maybe I will also do that tomorrow, but right now I'm awake and writing and watching Planet Earth which makes me laugh and cry out loud all at the same time. I would love to meet David Attenborough. I bought it today from Fopp me and Stephanie went there for some much needed retail therapy and after my disapointing search for it at The Natural History Museum (because me and Maria became far too engrosed in the carrot cake the day before this) We also visited the two little mystery shops that have crystals and what not inside; Stephanie looks at home in these shops I think she should have one of her own. We ask for Kunzite but there isn't any ... there never is any anywhere, and it is the one I really would love to add to my collection (I eyed it for a good while in my favourite room at the museum, before we went to stare at the big chunk of tree) So then we have a rest in Cafe Boheme with wine and look at stuff and talk about everything. Theer's so much to look forward to; today I am feeling better. Later I couldn't resist the offer to go to see Alice in Wonderland with Maria ... it was awesome (Anne Hathaway is yum and we think should have married Alice at the end - that's the only thing we would change) ;) The White Queen really reminds me of someone. Then home and a happy Disney style ending for me too: I found a pretty chunk of Kunzite on Ebay. The End.


Willow Keeper said...
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Willow Keeper said...

I'm so glad you got your happy ending :D Indeed t'was a day of ideas, happiness and therapy and yes I would like a magical little shop of my own, please. Thanks. *asking the universe*

Crystal Sparkles for you my dear *x*