Thursday, 13 August 2009

Soon, It is all Soon

Even though they are here now ... She is being nice (maybe through guilt, but anywho) and the other might as well not even be here as I have chosen not to see her. Invisible. AND I have painted my fingernails green which makes me smile. So ... I took some photos surrounded with my little heart gifts from the fairy girls, I may make posters of this one, and the other may be the cover of my next It Speaks CD of poetry and pretty noises (that I will make soon I promise ... it will be a solo effort though) I'm also getting busy; I'm lost in red velvet fabric creating special dresses to sell at the Maleficent 'Where the Wild Roses Grow' video launch at Barfly on 2nd September, which is fun - I'll post pics of those dresses soon and a flyer for the event as you all must attend... you get a discount on tickets for arriving with a red rose which I think is cute.
In other news I must go and visit all my other fairy friends --- Jessica and Stephanie I am coming with cherry cake for you both! (I'll go try to find some............*searches cupboards* ; Narnia....)
I feel another reading night coming tonight ... I can't wait to get my reading chair - it's green and fucked up and I love it ... it's an ebay find though so cross your fingers and hope I win, if I do I shall let you sit in it ...
Wish he would come to save me. But there are no white horses in Hackney ... or Holloway. I'll have to be saved on Saturday instead. *...waits...sings....*

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Tweety Sweet Pea said...

I wish I could go to that show!
I'm saving up my pennies so I can wear one of your dresses when I do fairy parties for kiddies.