Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The last thing I can buy for a long time ...

... is this chair, and I love it ... £20 : bargain. I have made a green throw from a piece of velvet remnant and bought some olive and gold cushion covers from The RSPCA charity shop for £1 each to go with it. There will be lots of books read (and hopefully written) in my new chair ... and most of my time will be spent in it. I'm very much looking forward to moving and happy that at least my last few magic beans spent before then was on something as lovely as this *
In other news: It was so lovely to see Stephanie yesterday, we watched Twilight, again, and drank yum juice. Have been watching True Blood with David and we are slightly obsessed ... I must read the books when I've finished with Mrs Meyers (I'm having a vampire overload - which has been a long time coming as I didn't really know what to do in all these years with no Buffy ; Buffy cold turkey : so now I'm back on the good stuff : addicted) he is going to America for a week or so and we promised to watch them together so it will be hard to be good, but I will. I also met Simona this morning to buy fabric for some frilly knickers and other lovelies I'm going to sell at her shows for her Maleficent merch - will try to get some made for this Friday in time for the Swindon show which I'm coming along to. So now I'm waiting for someone somewhere to magically appear by my side with some orange juice because I'm parched ... or I could just go to the corner shop.... uf, the trauma. Luna is coming over now so I must go tidy my room .... maybe she will have orange juice?

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