Thursday, 26 February 2009


Maria came over tonight when I had finished sewing for the day ... we ate tuna pasta and talked a lot ... and we found the next ep of the l word which made me happy. Wine makes you drunk and sometimes this is good but other times it makes you sad - I've not just worked this out, I knew it before but anyway ........ I'm listening to new songs today that Stephanie sent to me - they are lovely. I'm talking about my past and about now - its difficult sometimes : to remember. It makes it all real sometimes when maybe you would have rather had deleted stuff. Going to read this tomorrow and laugh at my tipsyness hehe ...
Stephanie sent me photos today of our outing at the London Fashion Week and The Natural History Museum. Loves it. Wish we lived closer! :)
Stef came home and Maria left and we talked some more - it's easier to talk with wine - wine makes me want to dance *
Arranged the delivery of my new bookcase ... can't wait to get it and arrange my stuff ...
Listening to Murmurs again - I love it so much, makes me smile.
I should really go to bed now ... it's late and I want to dream, but not the scary dream that I had last night - I want a lovely one *wish*


Marina said...

mhmm wine :] the bookcase you bought was soso pretty.

a faerie finder said...

i need to send you some lil birdie pics from the natural history museum! loves loves loves bunnie
your lil alter... stuff stuff stuff and tiny lights
magpies magpies and mayflies mayflies