Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Fashion is bad for the feet

My feet hurt so bad it hurts my face ... walking around London Fashion Week with Stephanie broke them, I have a piece of toe missing, but not to worry because we had the best time!!
Today we had a little break between shows and visited the Natural History Museum, because everyone knows how well fashion goes down with a little help from big scary dinosaur bones. We gave all the dead stuff characters and I swear Disney needs us. Then of course we couldn't leave without our crystals! and they are yum ... I will arrange them tomorrow (ready for a lovely happy room filled with yum stuff)
The first show today had big frilly frocks with printed ballerinas on which made us happy and the second was all about wooly knitty things .... I'm no fashion journalist but it all made me smile, so it was good.
The models were also very lovely, some like pixies - but they are not for sale.
Babybel is the best invention and I take them in a morning like little round red cheesey medication, but they are also supper back home from Fleet Foxes which was pretty... there was a light missing from their fairy light arch which inspired me to write a poem : I had to delete all my messages though because I didn't have a pen ... the wonders of technology.
As for the gig : it was emotional.
We tried to think of surnames but it's difficult to find a new one that doesn't make you sound like an aspiring porn star ... *thinks*
Taxi and home again after a few days of away... I lined up the little free fashion show gifts and my birthday prezzies from the other day, I like new stuff when it is as pretty as this ... I will find them homes and buy more new stuff and make my room look like a cave : a pretty cave.

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