Friday, 27 February 2009

The sound of the seashore

I think I woke up six times this morning ... Just didn't want to leave my bed : it was yum and the sun was all lovely. But then I had to get up because I had a meeting with the lady from Covent garden market at 3:00. I got lost which taught me not wear sunglasses indoors - but I was hiding. Found her in the end and I can't wait to get my little stall there - it should be in two weeks ish. I have to set it up all pretty with lights and a backdrop :)
On bus I had one of those 'life is wonderful' moments where everything makes you smile like an idiot through the bus window... but then this creepy guy sat next to me and brought me back down to reality - he was mumbling the whole way and I thought he must be an alien. I wished him away and he disappeared. I was looking for the taxidermy shop but I think that vanishes too ... like the flats in my book...
I bought too many food stuffs from M&S but it is all green and fresh - I have decided that for my health I should stop eating cheese and sugar before I turn into one of those crazy people off the TV who only eat one thing and cry when confronted by spinach. Then with too many bags I ventured into a wierd little shop that I thought must have been a house too - or maybe it was just a house - eek! the guy was sleeping and I came in to by a shell from the window - he woke up : an ogre ... but sold me it for a pound before he went back inside his den to finish his greasy chicken dish.
My room is getting prettier - I got my fairy lights in the post this morning and put them up behind my bed - it's starting to feel like a fairy cave - a little way to go yet stll *

1 comment:

a faerie finder said...

pretty shell... how do ogres get shells anyway?
i wonder if anyone is hiding in it..
you should try some spells to
release the ocean spirit inside.
covent GARDEN. yay.
cant wait to come with you
and help you **sell the pretties**