Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Fairytale delights from February 2012 Vogue UK...

* Alexander McQueen * Meadham Kirchoff *

... Inspiring, beautiful ...


Tales From The Treehouse

In a box of fabric, sewing with one arm hanging outside and one leg on the peddle while my hands do some knitting... I have lots of ideas thanks to pretty delights like these... will dream them up when all my custom orders are done and sent. A letter from a pink room reads I'm making Audrey Kitching a dress too and also should take the Black Swan creation off the back burner for Miss Martini... sewing through my dreams will happen soon.
And then I was left wondering who, and why and all those niggling questions that go away never even when you ask them nicely ... you wonder about existing and why and it's pointless and I know... but don't run away from it, let's just make up our own reality, they did it first after all, and for the time being join me in mine; in my nest I made myself... it looks prettier when you're in it. The world will go away soon; it fades when you let it... just don't let them take you over.


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