Monday, 1 October 2012

Jemmas Fairytale in Flutterbydaisy Frills

* Daisy Dress *

* Katie Dress * 

* Pixie Top * Pixie Skirt * 

* Katie Dress * Pixie Top * Pixie Skirt * 

* Daisy Dress *


Dresses: Flutterbydaisy
Photography: Jemma Dodd Jewellery: Minimum Mouse
Models: Sophie Ward, Stephanie Warwick MUA: Amy Murray

Tales From The Treehouse

Too many ideas and thoughts: I prefer the ideas, they're the ones that keep the thoughts at bay.
She watched all the people in the real world, from a distance, then realised she wants to be even further away.  Remembering when you first told me and wondering how and now knowing and still wondering, but this time I have a plan, my own plan, a plan where you can come if you like; A vintage nick-nack boat in the woods and big fluffy bear-dogs in fields, secret tree-houses and giant tipis, candle light and midnight fires, no roads for miles and miles and miles, someone will be crying there one day, but they will be wrapped in crochet kisses.

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