Thursday, 3 March 2011

Sirens, whales and a scary doll

In a nut shell: Ferens art is low but Odysseus is top of the list, I wrote it on a note before... We filled ourselves with caffeine and cake then stepped into my past: whales, ships lights and things you can touch, I touched the same vertebra with smaller hands... Keep eyes peeled for the tiny rope and this scary laughing doll that eats twenty pence pieces. The polar bear looks smaller now. Coffee then records, old new bikes that cost too much, busses that are too full. Too much food, then pool with flashbacks of being there in the heat and giant bottles, back to now and there's the worst of 90s pop on the jukebox and nothing on at the cinema so we watch more movies instead. "Hahaha" said the laughing doll.


Jason P Gray said...

I hate those laughing puppet dollls. They used to give me nightmares when I was small, but I always asked for 2p to make them dance & shriek to see if the fear had left me. Now I just close my eyes & try not to shudder when I get near one.

Natanya said...

We should face our fears : I'll meet you at the maritime museum! :) xxx