Saturday, 6 October 2012

Autumn Delights and Fall Fallings

* Flower Girl Headband + Rings *

* Dolly Dress *

Dress / Accessories / Photography: Flutterbydaisy
Model / MUA: Sophie Cash


What to do with all those baskets of lace and cotton - tea stained, hand dyed, ruffled and ready to wear in your hair: new Flutterbydaisy accessories to match your dresses.  Find them in my shop very soon, many more plans to follow too.  It's busy days in my little world, but quiet - so I'm happy Sophie came to play...

 * Flower Girl Crown * Secret Garden Wristlets *

* Flower Girl Hair Clips * Dolly Dress *

* Flower Girl Rings *

* Flower Girl Headband + Rings * Dolly Dress *

* Woodland Wristlets * Dolly Dress *

...we played at nature, this is our favourite... plum, flowers, burnt orange, butterflies, sea green velvet and berries.  Magpies make funny noises and I almost became road kill.  I like Autumn.
Here are some more Autumn delights from the wonderful world of Etsy...

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Tales From The Treehouse

He sat for a long time, he looked me in the eye and told me he came because you're over there so he  thought he would keep me company just for a moment or two and then he went away...

... flew away, on his merry way and I was left still here while you are both flying.  It does not seem real anymore; my hands or face.  I want to run, but don't own a compass - maybe that's the point.  I miss you, and love you more than butterflies and compasses.



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Thank you petal x*x*x*

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I love these photographs, she is beautiful, here eyes are haunting.